Did You Know That Eating These Foods Can Help Your Brain?

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Certain foods may affect your brain in positive ways, both over the short term and long term. Some could help improve alertness, concentration, mental performance and memory, according to WebMD, and as an added benefit, eating well for your brain enhances your mental health in addition to your physical health, notes the BBC. The trick to helping short-term memory involves building up the brain’s nutrients for weeks and months, and then using a quick snack of the proper food to give your brain a boost.

1. Go With the Grain

Whole grains with a low glycemic index give the brain an energy boost without mucking up the organ’s blood supply with too much glucose. They have only a small effect on blood sugar levels. Try eating brown grains, such as wheat bran, granary bread and brown pasta, to maintain mental alertness all day.

2. Gone Fishing

Omega-3 fatty acids contain two similar chemicals that help increase alertness and memory while possibly preventing cognitive decline in later years. Receive plenty of omega-3s from your diet thanks to wild-caught Alaskan salmon, trout, mackerel, herring and sardines.

3. Out of the Blue

Blueberries provide a quick, simple snack you can bring with you to the office, eat in the car or serve as a side for just about any meal. The dark, rich color of blueberries means they’re packed with plenty of antioxidants that may alleviate short-term memory loss.

4. See More Red

Lycopene found in tomatoes may help the body get rid of free radicals that cause dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as you age. Eat a wide range of colorful fruits and vegetables for brain benefits and healthier eating in general.

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