Don’t Pay It Back; Pay It Forward: A Single Father’s Story

Posted by GreaterGoodness

In a move across the country to give his son a better life, this single father’s housing plans fell through, leaving them both on the street. While coping with his situation, this remarkable father sought to tell his story of hope, humility, and strength under pressure, when he received some unexpected help from motivational speaker and philanthropist Leon Logothetis, who gave him a gift of $1,000 and a week’s hotel stay. When the Internet caught wind of the story, a GoFundMe page created by Kayla Heskett raised more than enough money for the father and son to purchase a vehicle and live more comfortably.

This father paid it forward, using the extra money to feed homeless people in need. Take a look below at the video that started it all for inspiration in paying your own fortunes forward.

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