These 8 Police Officers Will Restore Your Faith In Law Enforcement

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The daily life of a police officer often involves going out of the way to help people in need. While those stories don’t always make the news, sometimes an onlooker snaps a photo or lets others knows about the kind and helpful actions that officers are taking to serve their communities.

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1. David Natt Helps a Stranded Family

When Robert Wood arrived in his hometown of Eugene with his wife and two sons after moving back from Alaska, the family had nowhere to live. Wood and his wife tried to get their boys to fall asleep by cuddling them in the car in a local park, but he wasn’t surprised when the police came knocking at his window. What happened next did surprise him, though. Lieutenant David Natt took the family to a local motel and paid for a couple of nights there to give them time to look for somewhere to live, using a fund set up by a local church. Wood said that Natt inspired him to want to do similar things to help others.

2. Wisconsin Cops Inspire a Boy with Autism

Several police officers in Osceola have gone out of their way to help a young autistic boy who now wants to be a cop when he grows up. The boy has not only struggled with autism but also with severe anxiety and impulsive control issues that make it hard for him to cope with life. A visit to the police station, though, makes him smile. Local cops have patiently answered his questions, given him tours, introduced them to their K9 partners and posed for pictures, inspiring this young boy even more.

3. James Hodges and Jason Pavlige Give a Family a Car Seat

The local citizen who called the cops certainly thought he was doing the right thing when he reported a woman carrying a baby in her arms in a car, rather than having the baby safely buckled in a car seat as required by law. What that anonymous caller didn’t realize was the favor he was doing for that low-income family, thanks to Michigan police officers James Hodges and Jason Pavlige. Instead of writing a ticket, the cops realized that the family couldn’t afford a car seat. So they pooled their money to buy a car seat, then showed the family how to use it. When news of their gift came to light, they said that it’s just part of what police officers do.

4. Brian Peters Hands Out Gift Cards

When Brian Peters retired from his job as a cop in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, he wanted to say thank you for 14 good years at work. He spent his final day driving around the city looking for people who looked as if they needed cheering up. Some of the people he approached felt some trepidation, wondering what they’d done wrong, but they were quickly surprised when Peters handed them a $50 gift card to Target or a local supermarket. Peters said he was overwhelmed by the response.

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5. Joe Hutson and John Khillah Mow a Lawn

Kalamazoo, Michigan officers Joe Hutson and John Khillah didn’t think they were doing anything noteworthy when they stopped to help a man. They spotted a man in a wheelchair trying to mow his law and having little success. They headed back to the police station to pick up a weed trimmer and leaf blower to complete the job. It would have been just another day at work had a local citizen not snapped a photo and posted it to Facebook. The photo went viral, with people all over the country expressing their appreciation for the kindness of the cops.

6. Cops Coach Baseball on Chicago’s South Side

Kids on the south side of Chicago are often suspicious of the police. A group of police officers from the Englewood Police Department are turning that around by coming into the community to coach the Englewood Police Youth Baseball League. A hundred kids come by each week to learn to play baseball, soaking up lessons in teamwork and accountability as a byproduct and gaining a newfound respect for their local officers.

7. Zak Ropos Gives a Girl an iPad

Lake County officer Zak Ropos was impressed when he came upon a 9-year-old girl selling lemonade in an effort to raise money to buy an iPad. Ropos admired the girl’s work ethic, but knew she’d never earn enough with a lemonade stand. He offered to bring her his old iPad. When he realized it wasn’t working, he went out and bought her a new one instead. The girl’s mom posted a photo of the gift on Facebook, and Ropos was surprised when it got two million likes.

8. Joel Shoihet Hangs With Preschoolers

The little kids at a daycare in Murrayville, British Columbia, get excited every time an officer waves to them from the cruiser. Imagine their thrill when friendly constable Joel Shoihet sat down to enjoy circle time with them right on the sidewalk. The children all felt special, looking up to the policeman as a hero.


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Police officers may be in the news more often for negative or controversial actions. However, seeing the special lengths to which some officers go to care for the people in their communities is a great reminder of how these men and women truly serve their neighborhoods.

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