This San Diego Police Officer Used Quick Thinking and Infant CPR to Save a Life!

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In April 2015, Jessica Salas faced one of the scariest situations a mother can imagine when her 18-month-old daughter, Kendall Hidalgo, stopped breathing after a violent seizure. After she called 911, San Diego Police Officer Robert Carlson was the first on the scene. Kendall wasn’t just unconscious; her lips and face had even turned blue when Officer Carlson arrived. Her heart wasn’t beating, so the officer used an infant Heimlich, which involved placing the toddler on his forearm and using blows to the back until her heartbeat returned.

Paramedics arrived and took Kendall to the hospital, where she made a full recovery. A doctor there stated that if it weren’t for Carlson’s actions, Kendall would have died. Through his calmness under pressure and quick thinking, he was able to save the toddler’s life. Not only that, he also stayed with the family at the hospital until doctors told them that Kendall was alright and has since formed a special bond with them.

NBC San Diego

NBC San Diego

In the year since the incident occurred, Carlson has stayed in touch with Kendall and her family. In his visits, he occasionally brings along a gift for Kendall. The family plans to invite him to Kendall’s baptism. Carlson is also going to receive a special award for his actions that night.

Perhaps the most positive result of the incident is how it helped the relationship between police officers and residents of Logan Heights, the neighborhood where Kendall lives. While some residents in the area don’t see police officers as trustworthy, many now have a better view of police after Carlson’s heroic actions. Officer Carlson’s quick thinking helped save a young girl’s life. Thank you, Officer Carlson!

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