8 Reasons Why Everyone Procrastinates

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Virtually everyone procrastinates at one time or another, from putting off a major project for work to the disgusting task of cleaning out your refrigerator. There are numerous possible reasons for your decision to procrastinate, including fear and overconfidence.

1. Overestimating Your Time

Two weeks may seem like a substantial amount of time when you first learn about a task, but time has a way of moving quickly when there is a deadline looming. As explained by About Education, your mind may even trick you into believing you have more time than actually exists. To overcome your procrastination, split the assignment into smaller tasks and create deadlines dates for each one.

2. Overestimating Your Ability

Based on an overly optimistic belief that your capabilities enable you to easily complete the task, you think that you do not need a substantial amount of time to finish it. Unfortunately, no matter how capable you are, you cannot control every interference that gets in your way. Use your abilities to complete the assignment early so you don’t have to worry about the unexpected.

3. Overwhelmed by the Task Ahead

Individuals tend to avoid activities that they consider overwhelming. If you find the responsibility too vast to handle, you may choose to put it off as long as possible. Instead of focusing on the project as a whole, break it up into several smaller tasks and work on one at a time.

4. Caught up in Your Feelings

Procrastination can stem from the mistaken belief that you need to feel a certain way or be in the right state of mind to complete a task, as explained by About Education. The problem is that the right feelings or state of mind may never appear. Recognize that your feelings do not have to control your actions, and think about the negative feelings that result if you do not complete your task on time.

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