An “Unadoptable” Boy is Beyond Adoptable for This Deputy And His Family

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How must it feel to know that you are considered un-adoptable by the very people who are meant to find you a new home and take care of you? And what does it mean for someone to finally believe in you? One young boy has found the answers to these questions thanks to the generosity of a South Carolina deputy with a heart of gold.

Master Deputy Mike Gibson of the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office was working as a full-time resource officer at his district’s Child Development Center when he had to submit a report about a young boy who had been abused. The boy had lived in several foster homes. Unsurprisingly, the upheaval and abuse had affected the child and he was demonstrating a range of difficult and distressing behaviors.

Gibson saw past the acting out, though, and realized that this child was calling for help. According to a report on the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office website, he remembered that “something tugged at my heart. I said, ‘I can help this child.'” He discussed the boy’s case with his wife, Kimber, and she supported his decision to help in a more personal way. They started classes in 2014 to become foster parents for the child.

Despite the fact that the Gibsons were specifically interested in this boy, several workers who oversaw his case attempted to dissuade them. They tried to tell Mike and Kimber that the boy was un-adoptable due to his behavioral issues, despite his young age and lack of opportunities for care and affection. Fortunately, the Gibsons refused to believe this, and when the boy’s birth parents’ parental rights were terminated, the couple were able to fulfil their ambition and adopt the boy properly.

By believing in one young person, they have already made a huge difference. Kimber believes that the pre-existing members of the family are the ones who have benefited most from allowing this youngster into their lives though, as he has proved to be an outstanding addition to the household.

As the child transitioned from calling Mike “police officer” and “officer dad” to just “dad,” the Gibsons saw this boy become the adoptable child Mike always knew he could be.

After just a year of stability, the six-year-old is thriving. He has recently received an award for being a “Terrific Kid” at his school and Kimber noted that he is “as normal and sweet as any child you’d ever meet.” From being written off, the boy has bounced back, all thanks to a little bit of love and faith from a couple with the courage in their convictions and room in their hearts and home for an imperfect but loving child.

“The world can be a dark and scary place when people with negative attitudes put others down and refuse to give chances to those in need.”

The resource officer program in School District 6 is designed to let the kids see that police are not just ominous authority figures who exist only to scare and harass them. By making the police part of everyday school life, all of the district’s kids get a chance to see that the police are there to help, and that they can be their friends. In this particular case, for one child, the police officer is now his father, too.

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