How Santa And The USPS Are Teaming Up To Bring Joy To Needy Children

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Many of us have fond childhood memories of piles of presents spilling out from under the tree and stockings brimming with toys and treats, but not all children are so fortunate. Children in low income households rely on the kindness of strangers to fill their stockings, and Operation Santa gives people the opportunity to step into Santa’s shoes and spread a little Christmas cheer to families in need.

Parents often assure their children that their letters to Santa are headed straight to the North Pole, but it’s really his little helpers at the U. S. Postal Service that are opening them.


Letters addressed to Santa get sorted into a special bin, explains USPS, and letters from children in need are set aside for the Operation Santa program. The office provides copies of these letters to the public, with personal information removed, so that aspiring Secret Santas can choose from them.

Donors can choose up to 10 letters to fulfill. When they return with the wrapped gifts, they pay for postage, and then USPS takes care of the rest. The donor never sees the children’s addresses, so the children’s identities are protected.

“Operation Santa has been connecting donors to children in need for over 100 years…”

Donors have the opportunity to brighten a child’s Christmas with everything from toys to basic needs, but sometimes they have the opportunity to use their talents and resources to truly change a child’s life. Shimaya Worthey, a young girl born deaf and with one ear, wrote to Santa every year asking for a new ear, but her mother could not afford it, and insurance would not cover it, according to USA Today. Then, Operation Santa connected her to Sheryl Lewin, who donated her plastic surgery skills, and the K and B Surgical Center, which donated the operating room. Shimaya ended up not only getting the ear she had asked for, but matching earrings as well.


Operation Santa has been connecting donors to children in need for over 100 years, and postal offices around the country receive hundreds of thousands of letters a year, according to USA Today. Though the postal service works hard to match children’s letters with donors, not every letter gets fulfilled. To see how you can help, visit the official Operation Santa Clause blog for a list of participating post offices.

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