It’s All The Buzz: 10 Ways To Help Save The Bees

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Bees serve a very important function in the Earth’s ecosystem. These insects pollinate plants, which helps them reproduce. They also pollinate 70 percent of the world’s food crops, and these crops supply 90 percent of nutrients humans need. In the United States, commercial honeybee populations have declined 40 percent from 2006 to 2015 due to several factors. You can help save the bees by participating in any of these 10 bee-friendly activities.

1. Plant Flowers

Several flowering plants attract and provide food for bees. Bees love bright colors and alluring scents. Add some lilac, hyacinth, hosta, zinnias, and aster to attract bees from spring to fall. Replace some of your grassy areas with flowers and see what happens. BH BH

2. Shop Organic

Purchase organically grown fruits and vegetables from reputable farmers and markets for your meals. Researchers believe insecticides can kill bee populations, so supporting organic farming can reduce the amount of pesticides in use. Winstead Winstead

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