Like a Boss: Bruce Springsteen Sends Concert-Going Kid to School With a Tardy Excuse Note!

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As far as tardy excuses go, “I was at a concert last night” usually doesn’t work too well with teachers. However, as nine-year-old Xabi Glovsky found out, “I was at a concert last night, and Bruce Springsteen wrote me this tardy note” works like a charm. You could say that Xabi was born into the Bruce Springsteen fandom. Fox News reports that Scott Glovsky, Xabi’s father, has attended over 100 of the singer’s concerts in the last 30 years. His lullabies of choice for his son were — yes — Springsteen songs.

Xabi even went to a Springsteen concert with his father for his sixth birthday, and when Springsteen saw the boy’s sign that read “Today I am six,” he waved and briefly sang to him.

The father and son made the trek from their home in Claremont, California, to Los Angeles, where Springsteen performed 35 of his popular songs over a 3 1/2 hour concert. Knowing how late this night was going to be, Xabi came prepared with a sign that read “Bruce, I will be late to school tomorrow. Please sign my note” with a smiley face at the end.

After the show was over, Springsteen had security bring Xabi and Scott back to meet him.

According to Billboard, Springsteen took pictures with both father and son, along with writing the perfect tardy note that explained that Xabi had been out rock and rolling. Scott had brought along a picture he took at a 1984 Springsteen concert, which the singer happily signed.

Xabi slept in the next morning, waking up about 10:45 a.m. When the moment of truth came, his teacher was more than happy to accept his tardy note. After all, it was signed by The Boss.It’s always nice to hear about a celebrity that lives up to fan expectations, and Springsteen certainly lived up to his status as one of the coolest rock stars when he helped Xabi out.

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