Stop Overthinking! How It Hurts Creative And Athletic Performance

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Overthinking can be detrimental to your athletic and creative processes. The reality is, too much self-analysis often occurs out of fear or self-doubt. Recognize how this behavior negatively affects your performance, and work against it to get your athletic and creative juices flowing.

Check out this list for helpful tips!

Jump When the Idea Is Fresh


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The onset of a new idea brings excitement and passion. Take advantage of these feelings by jumping in and acting on your idea as soon as it hits, suggests 99U. Too much thinking causes the passion and creativity to diminish.

Return to Play


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You often complete your greatest work when you stop thinking and over-calculating, as explained by Motivated Mastery. When a child plays, his enjoyment motivates him to continue. He is not concerned with praise or outcome. When you return to this state of childlike play, you free yourself to create and perform solely for the sake of enjoyment.

Let Go of Judgment


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Judgement can kill athletic performance and a good idea, whether its internal or originating from an outside source. It you allow it, judgment can cause you to question your capabilities. As a result, you may choose to not act at all. Let go of the judgment in your head, and move forward as if no one is watching.

Get Some Exercise


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Aerobic activity unleashes your creative juices. It provides you insight that you do not receive when resting in a sedentary manner. Get up and exercise to stimulate ideas and connect the dots of implementation through cognitive flexibility, which enables the mind to switch between multiple concepts.

Engage Your Entire Brain


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Scientists have long espoused the theory that the right side of the brain controls creativity. Recent research suggests that all brain hemispheres must work together for an effective creative process, according to Psychology Today.

Allow Yourself to Daydream

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For analytical types, daydreaming frees the mind from the bounds of your analysis. Experts suggest that you allow your mind to wander several times throughout the day to promote creativity.


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For those who daydream too much, meditation helps center the mind and focus your thoughts. By practicing mindfulness, you transform your dreams into tangible and creative ideas.

Don’t Force It


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As an athlete, you are said to be in a zone when you excel during a game. As long as you stay there, you continue to do well. When you begin to think about the zone and try to stay there, you begin to perform less adequately. The same problem occurs when you try to get into a creative zone instead of just allowing yourself to naturally enter it. Stop trying to force it, and let it happen.

How do you stop overthinking? Share with us in the comments!

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