Teen Hero Stops a Robber and Lands a Job at the Same Time!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

It’s not everyday that a job interview turns into a real-life game of cops and robbers, but that’s what happened to Devin Washington. The 18-year-old was interviewing for a job position at a Popeyes Chicken restaurant in New Orleans when the interview was interrupted by a robbery in progress. What happened next was like a scene out of a movie, except the action was all too real.

Washington’s brave actions during a moment of crisis for restaurant employees helped him land the job. It also shows that being in the right place at the right time can turn an ordinary citizen into an instant hero. It was a day like any other at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen when Pablo Ciscart, 50, came in and asked the cashier to make change for a dollar.

Things turned ugly right after the cashier opened the cash register to give him his change. Instead of taking the change, Ciscart grabbed a fist full of money from the cash drawer and attempted to make a quick exit with his loot. Meanwhile, Devin Washington was doing well at his job interview with the restaurant’s manager. Suddenly, they heard a commotion nearby and realized a robbery was in progress.

Ciscart wasn’t allowed to rush out like he wanted to because Assistant Manager Danyanna Metoyer grabbed his arm. The two struggled for a brief period before Ciscart pulled free and bolted for the door. That’s when he ran into a second obstacle. The manager who was conducting an interview only moments before stood firmly in his path, determined not to let the thief leave the premises. Undeterred, Ciscart physically pushed her away from him.

He was almost free, but that’s when he encountered a third obstacle. Washington wrapped his arms firmly around Ciscart’s waist. Ciscart couldn’t free himself from the teenager’s strong reverse bear hug. That’s when he threw down the money he’d stolen and surrendered to the manager and Washington. According to Metoyer, Devin was in a state of disbelief that he was at the center of such an incident. The robbery hasn’t soured the teen on working at the restaurant, however. He started his new job just two days later!

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