Two Hearts In 24 Hours: A Medical Miracle Strengthens The Bond Between Two Mothers

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Chance encounters tend to happen when we least expect them. For two Mississippi moms, this chance encounter came when they were both facing the unthinkable — the possible loss of their children to the same ailment. Keisha Long was faced with devastating news when her 2-year old son KeVon was admitted to Baton Hospital’s pediatric unit. She knew that her son was facing death if he did not receive a heart transplant soon, according to an article on Little Things. She said her son looked like a corpse lying in the hospital bed after an ear infection and bronchitis eventually led to a failing heart.

Jessica Wilson’s 5-year old daughter Jenna was admitted two days later with complaints of a stomach ache, which was actually a virus attacking her heart. Wilson soon learned that her daughter also needed a heart transplant as soon as possible.

Doctors performed surgeries on both children, but the two became sicker as their hearts continued to fail. As the two moms, who lived 100 miles away from each other, faced despair, they found themselves bound together when they first met in the pediatric intensive care unit. The agony took their breath away, Wilson told 13WMAZ.

Both mothers were seeking new hearts for their children, yet while they waited, they formed a lasting friendship. Amazingly, KeVon and Jenna, with their mothers supporting each other as neighbors in the pediatric unit, received new hearts within 24 hours of each other. Keisha Long and Jessica Wilson, both seeking and praying for the same result, had firsthand experiences that confirmed their belief in miracles. We may not always know how to comfort others during their time of need, but when we experience the same type of agonizing despair, an irreversible bond develops. Long and Wilson forged a valuable friendship and found healing for their children.

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