A Garbage Collector and a Toddler Become the Best of Friends. How?

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Dallas garbage collector Oladele Olurunrinu (O’Dee) may not have the most glamorous job. But his appearances at the Ross household were the highlight of the week for 2-year-old Deacon, according to a story by WFAA. The duo formed a deep bond during the garbage collector’s repeated Friday visits to round up the family’s recycling. Theirs is a picture-perfect example of unconditional love and an unlikely friendship.


via WFAA

After noticing the closeness that developed between young Deacon and O’Dee, Deacon’s mom decided to surprise the garbage collector with a party complete with presents, on an otherwise ordinary recycling pickup, In a bittersweet turn of events, the party was not entirely unexpected — with another child on the way, the Ross family will soon be moving to a larger house to accommodate the anticipated addition.

Summer, Deacon’s mom, wasn’t certain that her small child would be able to grasp the meaningful significance of a goodbye, but after witnessing Deacon and his friend share such a deep bond during their Friday appearances, she wanted to be sure O’Dee knew how much the family appreciated him.

Deacon may not be able to wait outside on Fridays at 2 p.m. anymore, while playing with his toy garbage truck. But the child’s first friendship is forever cherished by O’Dee and the Ross family. To Deacon, friendship knows no boundaries; not social class, race or any other perceived obstacle. He has simply and fully embraced a person he has grown to love.


via WFAA

Deacon demonstrates that heroes can come from anywhere, and while a career in garbage collecting tends to slip under the radar for many, it is the most exciting job in the world to a young boy — One of his favorite people chose it as his livelihood.

This heart-warming story illustrates that the most genuine friendships can form in the most unlikely circumstances. Check out GreaterGoodness for other inspiring tales and uplifting messages.

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