Veterans Show Random Acts of Kindness to Soldiers and Civilians!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Random acts of kindness involve helping other people while expecting nothing in return. This Navy veteran modeled this selfless behavior when he volunteered to pay for items for soldiers who were shopping at a convenience store in Swansea, Illinois.
vet kndness

The Navy veteran was at the Huck’s convenience store to purchase coffee when between 15 and 20 uniformed service people lined up behind him. They were waiting in line to pay for their own orders.

The veteran stepped aside and asked the cashier to put the soldiers’ items on his tab, despite their protestations. Their items totaled up to $69.88. He paid for everything, shook the hands of the soldiers and asked them to be safe.
vet kindness1

He then left without revealing his name or taking a picture to mark the occasion. In his own words, it was just something he wanted to do.

The Navy man took a moment from his day to thank and honor those who serve this country. Although paying for hot dogs, snacks and drinks may seem like a small feat, the service people felt truly honored.

In a remarkable coincidence, on the very same day and outside the same convenience store, another veteran helped a young couple with a flat. The former marine even offered the young couple his spare tire. Just like the first veteran, the second man did not want any recognition for his good deed. Veterans have already made this country proud, and their continued service is something to admire. These two anonymous veterans showed their gratitude by paying it forward to current soldiers and ordinary civilians. Their kindness and generosity touched the hearts of those they helped and endeared them to onlookers, including the store manager, who stated that he believed that the first anonymous veteran should receive a medal.

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