Swimmers Saved From Dangerous Riptide by This Famous Movie Superhero

Posted by GreaterGoodness

A ‘riptide’, where powerful water currents pull swimmers away from the shore, can turn a relaxing day at the beach into a stressful and even deadly experience. When swimmers in Sydney got swept up in a powerful riptide (or more accurately, a rip current), lifeguards had an unexpected ally helping them rescue beach goers. On the big screen, he’s known as Wolverine, but here he was just a father keeping his kids safe and helping others as best he could. With both his 15 year old son Oscar and his 10 year old daughter Ava in the water when the riptide started dragging swimmers from the shore, Hugh Jackman could have easily panicked. Instead, he did exactly what is recommended when a riptide occurs by staying calm. He teamed up with a lifeguard to pull Ava through the water to safety. He also waved at Oscar to direct him to swim parallel with the shore, as rip currents are typically not very wide.

Fox 5 San Diego reports that his children weren’t the only swimmers that Jackman assisted, as he also grabbed a man’s arm to pull him in the right direction. That man was also holding onto a young girl while Jackman helped him.

The “X-Men” star also waved at swimmers to alert them of the riptide and urge them to swim back to shore.

After the rescue, both Jackman and the lifeguards were grateful for one another. Jackman told the lifeguards that they did an amazing job, while the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club gave Jackman a shout out and a thank you on their Instagram. Jackman showed with this rescue that he’s not just a hero on the big screen.

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