After Internet Bullies Mocked Her Boyfriend, This Woman Took Them Down

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It was just supposed to be a funny photo of Ashley Stevens and Christopher Lee posted by a friend of theirs on Reddit. Unfortunately, Internet bullies that saw it decided to make hurtful comments about Christopher’s weight. While the young couple aren’t the type to take criticisms to heart, Ashley felt it was necessary to respond to those bullies and let them know how wrong they were about her boyfriend. Both 21 years old, Ashley and Christopher had been together two and a half years when they attended a wedding where Ashley caught the bouquet. They decided it’d be funny to take a photo where Ashley looks excited, Christopher is horrified and Ashley’s father gives the young man an intimidating stare.



According to Faith It, when the photo was posted online, it quickly received rude comment after rude comment mocking Christopher. Cruel bullies brought up his weight, and some went as far as saying he looked like he had an intellectual disability.

Although Christopher is able to laugh off such comments easily, Ashley still made sure to defend her boyfriend. In a Facebook post, she recommended that people avoid reading the comments due to their content and also explained how she hit the jackpot with Christopher. She brought up his special qualities such as his thoughtfulness, loving nature and sense of humor and said that she truly believed God had given her Christopher. Stevens Stevens

Ashley and Christopher have become quite the power couple after she took down these bullies thanks to an article in People magazine, and The Daily Mail reports that Christopher received over 200 friend requests after Ashley’s post. They aren’t the type of people to hold a grudge, and both have forgiven everyone who made a mean comment. Ashley proved the age old adage that the key to stopping bullies is standing up to them. Please share your stories of people standing up to bullies!

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