All Employees Need a Plant At Their Desks. Here’s Why!

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If you are becoming increasingly sluggish and unmotivated at work, adding a few plants could be the solution. Recent research suggests workplace vegetation can dramatically improve employees’ work experience.

1. Breathe Easier

Indoor plants create cleaner air to work in by reducing air toxins and carbon dioxide. Humidity levels also stabilize to a comfortable range when plants are introduced.

2. Get More Done

A joint field study by the University of Exeter and landscaping company Ambius found that computer tasks were completed 12 percent faster in the presence of plants, and there was a 15 percent overall increase in employee productivity.

3. Boost Your Creativity

Employees who work in an office space with plants have been shown to generate 15 percent more ideas than their non-plant surrounded counterparts.

4. Be Present

Workplaces with plants experience reduced absenteeism, from 15 percent to 5 percent.

5. Experience an Energy Surge


Via Adikos

Increased job satisfaction brought by indoor vegetation boosts energy levels in employees, resulting in faster and more accurate work.

6. Stop Forgetting

When plants are brought into the offices, employee performance on memory retention and other basic tests improves substantially.

7. Banish Stress

According to Green Building Council Australia, indoor plants can reduce depression by 58 percent and overall stress levels by 50 percent.

8. Grow Happiness

Increased productivity, lowered stress and a more beautiful surrounding combine to skyrocket overall happiness in employees surrounded by workplace vegetation.

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