Zac Efron Replaces Fan’s Broken Phone

Posted by GreaterGoodness

An excited fan got more than he bargained for when he chased down celeb Zac Efron for a photo. Ahmed Ture was super-excited to catch a glimpse of the star — so excited, in fact, that a foot pursuit ensued, with Ture running down the actor’s car in hopes of snapping a photo of him for his Snapchat account. During the ensuing mayhem, Ture dropped his phone, shattering the screen. Efron, who was busy on the set of the movie adaptation of “Baywatch,” which also stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, saw the whole thing go down and instantly jumped into action. He quickly replaced the phone with a new one to the tune of $949, noting that Ture was a dedicated fan, so he had to hook him up.

Efron went on to not only pose for a picture with Ture, but also introduce him to The Rock for an additional photo op.

Efron posted his photo with Ture on his Instagram account, and it garnered half-a-million likes within the first 24 hours. Along with the photo, Efron issued a warning to other fans to be careful with their phones.

After meeting both celebrities, the happy Efron fan reported on his Facebook that both stars were humble and that he was happy that the day’s events unfolded as they did.

This is not the first time that Efron has “given back” to his fans and others. In 2011, he donated more than 300 items to the Children’s Resource Network of the Central Coast, an organization that serves at-risk and high-risk children who are in need of clothing and other necessities. Efron is also involved in organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation, the American Humane Association and Habitat for Humanity, among others, paying it forward and giving back. Find out how you can pay it forward with just a click of your mouse.

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