Dad Bikes 545 Miles For Son Who Died Of AIDS

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Josh Flanagan was diagnosed HIV positive on his 27th birthday in 2013. A few short months later he passed away, but not before spending his remaining hours at home with his family.

His parents, devastated by his passing, have decided to help others who are still dealing with HIV and AIDS by participating in the AIDS/LifeCycle road race from San Fransisco to Los Angeles. With a goal of 545 miles over seven days, this father, David Flanagan, shows the ultimate love for his by riding in the event that aims to help rid the world of HIV and AIDS.

When asked how he thought his son would feel about him riding in it he responded, “we hope that he would be proud, that other people could be helped.” Check out the video and see just how amazing this event is.

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