Can You Walk Across America? Yes, JuCan!

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It’s hard to imagine walking across the country. It’s even harder to imagine doing so with three kids, the youngest of whom is four years old. But that’s exactly what the Cobb family did. Their eight-year-old daughter and sister, Julia, had passed away from Ewing’s sarcoma during her Make-a-Wish trip to Disney. So to honor her, the family of five (and their dog!) journeyed from California’s Disneyland to Florida’s Disney World.

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Posted by Julia Cobb – JuCan Foundation on Saturday, June 20, 2015

Julia’s father Jonathan actually wanted to complete a cross-country walk after he’d won his own battle with cancer, but he never got around to it. After Julia’s death, however, he talked to his family about it. They thought he was a bit crazy, but they were game, nevertheless.

“We said, ‘Dad, we started this thing as a team and we are going to end it as a team,'” said Jenna, Julia’s 11-year-old sister.

So the family set out on an epic, 4,000-mile journey across 14 states. They stopped at churches, schools, and businesses along the way, extending hope to child cancer patients and their families.

It took 320 days to walk (and drive tired kids) across the finish line, but they finally did it this past Father’s Day. It was a moment of celebration, but also one of history: they became the first family to cross the country by foot.

But they aren’t finished challenging themselves yet; they’re now hoping to build a “JuCan Castle” in Houston, where they moved in 2012 to treat Julia’s cancer. The facility would house families of patients undergoing medical treatment in a comfortable, resort-style setting. As their website says, their goal is to bring a little bit of Disney-style magic to the families that travel to Houston in search of a cure.

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