Is Elsa Black? Who The Heck Cares?!

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A 3-year-old Aboriginal girl, whose spirit was crushed after a stranger told her “Queen Elsa isn’t black,” just got the Disney-sized surprise of a lifetime.

It was at a Disney-themed shopping event in Melbourne, Australia that young Samara was racially abused for dressing up as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen.

Her mother, Rachel Muir, explained in an interview with The Courier that a stranger told Samara that “Queen Elsa isn’t black.”

Muir “asked the woman what she meant by the comment and then one of the woman’s young daughters screwed up her face, she pointed at Samara and said, ‘You’re black and black is ugly’.”

The day ended in tears for Samara, but the tears were short lived. Just days later, a real-life Queen Elsa from Disney World in Orlando sent Samara a personal video message, telling her to “always be yourself.”

“Her mouth just dropped to the ground,” Muir told The Courier. “She kept saying over and over, ‘She’s talking to me.’ We were in tears. It was so overwhelming.”

Australians have shown similar support, rallying around Samara and crowning her “queen.” Her story appeared on news channels worldwide.

Interview with Queen SamaraWe surprise the 3 year-old girl & her mum who were subject to racial abuse at a Disney event #QueenSamara #TheProjectTV

Posted by The Project on Friday, June 19, 2015

The young girl was even featured on the front page of The Courier.

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