Man Takes Beautiful Photo – Then Pokes It Full Of Holes! Wait Until You See The Result!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Jesse Rockwell is a photographer and blogger who specializes in photos of the night skies. On a recent trip to Santa Barbara, he had some spectacular shots, including this one:

He decided to make it really special so he ordered a 72 x 30 inch print and went to work:

Using a push pin, he poked over 10,000 holes in his picture, often while listening to music or watching movies to help with the monotony of the task.

After the holes were done and his housemate, a carpenter, had built him a frame, he put on a reflective backing and wiring was put in place so the light effects could be controlled via remote. He then suspended the photo between two pieces of plexiglass:

LED rope lights were added since they last a long time and don’t give off any heat:

The results are nothing short of amazing. The work is an interactive photo that presents the beauty and majesty of our Milky Way galaxy – and it even changes color!

The video below shows his work in action. So cool!!

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