Ricky Gervais Just Stuck It To Trophy Hunter Rebecca Francis

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Ricky Gervais just became every endangered animal’s best friend. On April 11, he took to Twitter to question the controversial “trophy hunting” photos that have been buzzing around social media.

It started with this photo of Rebecca Francis, which went viral after he tweeted it on April 13:

Francis, who is a winner of the reality show Extreme Huntress and has a brag sheet of extreme wildlife kills, took to social media to defend her actions. According to HuntingLife.com’s Facebook page, Francis’s giraffe was “old and close to death,” and his meat was given to the locals, who gladly used it for food. Gervais responded with this tongue-in-cheek remark:

Named PETA’s Person Of The Year in 2013, Gervais is an outspoken supporter of animal rights. “Animals don’t have a voice. But I do. A loud one. I’m a f***king big mouth. My voice is for them. And I’ll never shut up while they suffer,” he posted on Facebook in 2014.

Animal rights activists have shown enthusiastic support for the actor’s remarks, but Francis’s fans haven’t been quiet either. On April 21, Gervais’s original tweet had been retweeted more than 45,000 times.

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