GreaterGood Girls Scholarship Update: 10 Girls are Doing Great

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Today, we’re sharing another one of the heartwarming stories of success that you made possible!

The GreaterGood scholarships came at the perfect time.

Geraldine and Dorcas (sisters) had just lost both parents to Ebola and the rest of their family members had neglected them. Valisatu was looking for someone to cover her school fees and related costs after the death of her father. The Fathers of both Victoria and Fatu had lost their jobs. Edna’s Aunt had also lost her job. The businesses that the Mothers of Aminata, Bintu and Fatmata were involved in were not doing well. Christiana’s Mother was going through tough times. Alisha’s parents were trying to settle down in a new community. Things were rough and tight.

The GreaterGood scholarships were an answer to prayer – bringing hope and possibilities. Meeting dire needs. Enabling on-going education.

Thanks to the scholarships, all the girls are doing well academically. Dorcas, Edna and Valisatu have taken the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and are awaiting results. Christiana is preparing for the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). Fatu is now in Junior Secondary School One (JSS1). Geraldine is doing well in Senior Secondary School. She will be taking the WASSCE next academic year. Victoria, Aminata, Bintu and Fatmata are doing well in their class work.

Your scholarships have given these girls a new reason and impetus to learn. This past academic year, they went to school with hope and confidence.

Thank you again for bringing hope and courage to their lives. Thanks for helping them further their education with Joy!


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