Eight-Year-Old Becomes First Child To Get Life-Changing Surgery – Double Hand Transplant

Posted by GreaterGoodness

After getting sick with sepsis at age 2, Zion Harvey had to have both hands removed, along with his legs and kidney. But thanks to advances in modern medicine, just six years later this brave child is the first to successfully undergo double hand transplant surgery.

The surgery was conducted at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and took over 11 hours even with a 40-person medical team. Reconnecting veins, nerves, and tendons, and aligning bones, takes a lot of time and work. The surgery is being hailed as a breakthrough for modern science and will give many more people the opportunity to undergo similar surgeries.

His mother, Patti, has been by his side throughout it all, and even gave up one of her kidneys when he needed a transplant. “It was Zion’s decision. If he wanted them we were going to get them. If he didn’t, we weren’t.”

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