These 6 Companies Are Making Healthy Home Cooking Way Easier

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Planning, shopping for, and preparing healthy meals can feel like a full-time job. But these 5 companies believe cooking a good meal should cure the day’s stress, not cause it.

Find out how they can help you eat healthier.

For the Home Cook Who Doesn’t Think Ahead: Plan to Eat


This revolutionary online service is like Pinterest meets Google Calendar meets your favorite food blog.

Plan to Eat allows you to store all your favorite recipes in your very own Recipe Book and drag-and-drop them onto a personalized calendar to strategize for your week. From there, it automatically generates a shopping list that you can print or view on your smart phone. It even keeps track of the “pantry items” you’ve already got on hand to eliminate those frustrating trips back to the store.

The service costs $4.95/month or $39/year, but you can try it free for the first 30 days.

For the Kitchen Newbie: Cook Smarts


Cook Smarts gives reluctant home cooks the inspiration and education they need to make home cooking routine. Once you subscribe, they’ll start sending you four original recipes each week, which you can either add to you personal weekly meal plan or save to your “Favorites” list for later use. Their meal planner then feeds directly into a nifty shopping list generator.

But Cook Smarts is about more than just meal planning. It’s about instruction. Each recipe includes helpful how-to videos, and as a member, you have access to their extensive blog filled with enough info to make home cooking a reality even for beginners.

You can sign up for yearlong, six-month or three-month plans, which cost $72, $42 and $21 respectively.

For the Time-Strapped Paleo Eater: Pete’s Paleo


The paleo diet is known for being a challenge to adopt, but Pete Servold wants to make it accessible for everyone. Pete’s Paleo prepares, packages and delivers paleo meals to your door (or to drop off locations in the San Diego area), each of which are free of gluten, soy, dairy, corn, eggs, legumes, preservatives, GMOs, and sweeteners. Pretty impressive.

These meals are a bit pricier than comparable services, but you get what you pay for. Pete is a trained chef from Le Cordon Bleu and is committed to using local, organic, grass-fed/pastured, and sustainably farmed sources.

Prices vary by meal plan frequency and size, but you’ll be paying roughly $15/plate.

For the Sophisticated Palate: Plated


Home cooking doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to restaurant-quality dining. Subscribe to Plated and you’ll receive seven chef-inspired recipes in your inbox each week that you can choose from in the week ahead. Once you’ve made your selections, they’ll deliver the pre-portioned ingredients along with easy-to-follow recipe cards on your selected delivery date. Recipes range from entrees like eggplant tomato gratin with Israeli couscous to maple glazed pork chops with apples.

Plated requires no monthly fee or commitment. Deliveries cost $12/plate, but keep in mind that there is a four-plate minimum per delivery date.

For the Family: Blue Apron


For busy professionals with at least two mouths to feed, Blue Apron is here to help. Once per week, they’ll send you all the ingredients you need to make three meals (serving two people each) from their six-item weekly menu.

For the foodies out there, Blue Apron frequently features unique ingredients (such as chestnuts, poppy seeds and sunchokes) to broaden your culinary palette. All you need on hand is olive oil, salt, and pepper. Their menu is fixed so you can’t make substitutions, but you can personalize your meal preferences based on a limited list of dietary restrictions.

Meals cost $10 each and delivery is always free! But be aware that there’s a six-plate minimum (three recipes serving two people each).

For the Picky Eater: gatheredtable


gatheredtable understands how challenging it can be to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences, so they’ve created an entirely customizable delivery service that caters to just about any diet. When you join, you’ll fill out a questionnaire covering how many nights per week you want to cook, how many kids you’re cooking for (by age group!), your protein preference (omnivore, vegan, etc.), your likes and dislikes, how often you eat organic, and much more.

gatheredtable then generates a weekly menu plan tailored to your needs, but if it’s not quite right, you can always edit it by adding or removing recipes from a library you create. Once you’ve got your plan in place, they’ll either send you a shopping list or deliver the ingredients right to your door!

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