10 Easy Ways To Help Your Local Animal Shelter Without Spending a Dollar

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Calling all animal lovers! No matter where you live, chances are you have a shelter or rescue organization nearby in need of some help. But the truth is, no matter how much we love our furry friends, making a personal donation isn’t always in the cards. And that’s ok!

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can help that don’t involve money. Read on to learn how you can make a real difference — without breaking the bank.


10. Share Adoption Profiles On Your Social Media

Lots of shelters and rescue organizations run adoption specials throughout the year, and simply sharing an adoption profile on your social media outlets could benefit them in countless ways. For one, you are getting your shelter’s name out to people who may not have known they existed. And who knows? It could lead to a life-saving adoption! Blow up your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. with adoptable dogs and cats to spread awareness!

9. Donate Blankets/Bedding

Did you know your clean, unwanted sheets and towels can be used as bedding for kennels? Shelters are always in need of supplies to keep new animals happy and comfortable. Don’t have any unwanted fabric? Try calling local hotels to see if they’d be willing to donate!

8. Get Crafty!

Making fleece tie blankets is a fun, easy and relatively inexpensive way to keep kids busy. An even bigger benefit is that they make great bedding for shelters! And you don’t even have to know how to sew.

Not sure how to make one? An internet search of “fleece tie blanket” will bring up tons of tutorials. You can also create toys and bedding using old pieces of clothing. Get crafting!


7. Transport Animals

If you have a car and some extra time, then this one is really easy! Lots of shelters need reliable drivers to transport animals to and from vet appointments, and to transfer pets between rescue facilities. By providing your vehicle and time, you will help save a pet’s life, as well as allow the other shelter workers to focus their valuable time elsewhere.

6. Do Your Holiday Shopping Through A Charitable Organization!

We’ve all heard the saying “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Well, when you shop at The Animal Rescue Site, you actually can! When you purchase items through The Animal Rescue Site’s online store, you are helping provide food and care for rescued animals living in shelters or sanctuaries — at no extra cost to you!

5. Hang Up Flyers

Spread the word the old fashioned way by hanging up flyers for upcoming adoption events or adoptable animals in your area. Ask around at pet supply stores, veterinary offices and other pet hot spots for permission to hang up flyers for an easy way to get the word out about pets in need of forever homes.


4. Get A Walking Buddy!

A daily walk is important for the physical and mental health of shelter dogs, but it takes time — a luxury that many shelters don’t have. Get in touch with your shelter and ask if they are in need of dog walkers. Most will probably say yes! Whenever you can, visit the shelter and take a dog or two out for some one-on-one attention and exercise.

3. Cuddle With Cats

Shelters can be especially tough on cats. They may not need daily walks like dogs, but cats need socialization, too! Spending some time at a shelter where you can pet and interact with cats helps them immensely on their journey to becoming adoption ready. Plus, it can be just as good for your mental health as it is for the cats’!

2. Host A Donation Party

A donation party is the perfect platform for shelter awareness! Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary or just a random event, a party setting is the perfect way to gather donations for a shelter. Instead of presents for you, you can ask your guests to bring a gift or a donation for the shelter. By hosting a donation party, you get to have a fun time with your friends and help a shelter out at the same time!

Cat - Ally being Ally

1. Foster An Animal

If you have the time, money and dedication to do so, consider opening your home to a shelter animal. Although fostering isn’t necessarily an “easy” way to help a shelter, it is a rewarding and extremely important one.

Many shelters cover visiting animals’ food and vet costs, so it’s possible that fostering won’t be a huge strain on your wallet. And opening your home to a shelter animal in need is one of the greatest gifts you can offer.

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