Sweet Minnesota Girl Writes Apology Letter To Humane Society For Being Unable To Donate

Posted by GreaterGoodness

A young MN girl wrote to her local Animal Humane Society apologizing for not being able to donate. Little Jenna asked that the Animal Humane Society not take it personally that she didn’t donate, saying she “doesn’t have much cash” right now. She said she feels “so, so bad” and she “loves animals and they need [our] help.”

She goes on to write she is “crying inside right now so this is very hard for me.” She then signs the letter “Sorry (x5).”

What may be even more touching than Jenna’s letter is all the comments on the Facebook post! Generous animal lovers from around the state have pledged to donate in her name so the animals won’t miss her support. What an inspiring spirit!

We’re always grateful for the support we receive from animal lovers here in Minnesota and beyond, and it’s especially…

Posted by Animal Humane Society on Monday, June 15, 2015

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