Crazier Than The Movies: Jamie Foxx Pulls Man From Burning Car

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When a truck flipped over and caught on fire right next to Jamie Foxx’s Moorpark home, the actor and entertainer could have just made the 911 call and waited for the fire department to show up. Instead, he took action and, with the help of another good Samaritan, pulled the only occupant out of the burning car. Their actions may have saved the man’s life.On Jan. 18, 2016, Brett Kyle was driving his 2007 Toyota Tacoma at high speeds, allegedly while under the influence of alcohol. He lost control and went off the road into a drainage ditch. After rolling over several times, the truck caught on fire.

Jamie Foxx and an off-duty EMT, who were within earshot of the crash, ran to the truck despite the danger. According to ABC News, the EMT had a rescue tool that he brought from his vehicle. The men used the tool to break the driver’s side window of the truck and cut off the driver’s seat belt. When they had difficulty pulling Kyle out, Foxx told him that he needed his help. Kyle complied, and the two real-life heroes got him to safety.

Fire crews reached the scene soon after, but by that time the truck was completely on fire. The medics took Kyle to a nearby hospital, where CNN reports that he had major trauma to his head, neck, chest, and waist from the crash. He also had burn injuries that likely would have been much worse had Foxx and the other rescuer not gotten Kyle out when they did.Foxx didn’t take any credit for the rescue, and even wrote “No heroes…Just happy fathers,” in an Instagram post of himself with the driver’s father. It’s clear that Foxx just considers the rescue an example of doing the right thing, and his humility is an example for all of us. Read more inspirational stories about real life acts of courage at GreaterGoodness.

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