Young Jayden, 6, Heals By Making People Smile

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Jayden Hayes loves making people smile, and it’s all because the kind-hearted 6-year-old wondered why everyone is sad all the time. Jayden’s incredible story of giving started with an unbelievable loss in his own life. Jayden lost his father at age 4, and then his mother passed away in her sleep in July 2015 when he was 6, according to Today News. After seeing everyone so sad at his mother’s funeral, the first grader took matters into his own hands and asked Barbara DiCola, the maternal aunt who now raises Jayden, how to make people smile. Barbara told the youngster to smile at someone first, and then the boy chimed in “Why don’t we give them a toy?”

So the youngster asked his aunt to buy some small toys in a local Wal-Mart store, and the smile experiment began. News of Jayden’s smiles and hugs spread quickly and his entire hometown of Savannah, Georgia took the boy’s gifts to heart. Armed with toys, Jayden and his aunt walked through downtown Savannah to make people smile. Every time someone smiles and hugs Jayden, it serves as a healing process for his own grief. The little boy still misses his parents, of course, as anyone would. Instead of letting his grief get the best of him, Jayden chose to spread love and joy.

By early August 2015, Jayden had distributed toys on four separate occasions. During one trip, one lady smiled and then started to tear up as Jayden lovingly gave her a plastic necklace and a dinosaur toy. When asked what he’s trying to do, Jayden simply says, “I’m trying to make people smile.” DiCola says every time someone hugs her nephew, “It’s like sheer joy comes out of this child, and the more he makes people smile, the more this light shone,”.

Anyone can follow Jayden’s quest on this Facebook page. The official hashtag for Jayden’s work through all social media accounts is #thesmileexperiment. At just 6, Jayden learned how to make a huge difference in people’s lives. Find out how you can do the same by visiting The Greater Goodness Site and reading stories similar to Jayden’s.

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