‘Thank You For Your Service, And Thank You For Your Daughter’ — Jimmy Fallon Has a Surprise For His Father-In-Law

Posted by GreaterGoodness

In 2014, the one-and-only Jimmy Fallon found himself in London. He and a friend were walking down the sidewalk. On this particular street, they spotted a watch store, which oddly had what looked to be an electric chair in the window. How odd, Jimmy thought. So, naturally, they went into the store.

In the store, this is what Jimmy found out: what he thought was an electric chair was actually an ejection seat. Which struck Jimmy as ironic — his father-in-law, a former United States Marine, had once been ejected from a plane and survived to tell the tale.

Wait, wait, WAIT. What am I telling you this for? Jimmy tells it so much better!

Check out the video and brace yourself for the surprise!

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