Need A Lyft? Popular Ride-Sharing Company Reaches Out To Seniors

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For New York City seniors with limited transportation options, the world just got a little bigger and friendlier. The ride-sharing company Lyft has partnered with the National MedTrans Network to help seniors get to their non-emergency medical appointments, even if they don’t have a smart phone and can’t use the Lyft app. According to Lyft, 3.6 million Americans every year miss or reschedule their medical appointments because of transportation problems.

The problem is particularly acute among seniors who may have difficulty with public transportation — and especially in New York City where more than 50 percent of households don’t own a vehicle.

Lyft’s on-demand ride-sharing network was one solution to this transportation problem, but there was a barrier.
More than 25 percent of older Americans don’t have smart phones and can’t use the Lyft app to summon a ride.

Their partnership with National MedTrans Network solved that problem by producing a web-based product called Concierge that allows third parties to request cars for patients. Authorized partners, such as a building receptionist, use Concierge to enter the passenger’s name, pickup location and destination, and a Lyft driver is automatically dispatched to give the ride, with no smart phone required. The patient’s credit card is stored in Concierge and automatically charged for the ride for a seamless and convenient experience.

The New York City pilot project is already providing 2,500 rides per week and has dramatically reduced missed appointments and pick-up wait times. Seniors are loving the new service and reported an average 28 percent increase in satisfaction with the process of getting to and from health care service providers. The Medtrans Network wants to continue helping patients live healthier lives by expanding the number of New York Lyft rides to 25,000 per week. Lyft hopes to duplicate the Concierge project with other partner organizations throughout the U.S.

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