#MakeItFair: Rita Wilson Asks Why There Aren’t More Naked Men In Hollywood

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Gender inequality is all over the news these days, especially in Hollywood. Did you know that men directed only 93 percent of major studio films in 2014?

Rita Wilson and more than 70 other women in the acting biz have sparked a new gender equality campaign — #MakeItFair — to shed light on the stunning degree to which men dominate the theater, film and TV industries.

Their witty PSA/music video makes a powerful statement by “lamenting” the number of men employed in powerful positions in film, government and business.

“We won’t relent till it’s 100 percent. It’s only fair that men should have it all,” the group sings.

Put on your sarcasm-detection goggles and listen to their powerful message! #MakeItFair

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