Mission Statement

GreaterGoodness is here to connect people with stories and causes they care about. We provide uplifting articles that empower people to do good while generating donations toward meaningful charitable projects through advertising revenue.

Every day, our goal is to:

  1. Connect people with stories and causes they care about,
  2. Empower them to spread the goodness with simple actions, and
  3. Give to charities that have a meaningful impact in our world.

Thanks to generous support from our advertisers and our passionate non-profit partner, GreaterGood.org, your actions have real power to change the world. Join us every day to discover good, give with a simple click, and spread the goodness with a powerful share.

GreaterGoodness shares stories to uplift and inspire, each one giving you the chance to help people, save pets and improve the planet – for free. Find out how your clicks make a difference.