This Guy Has A “Monopoly” On The Marriage Proposal Game!

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Justin and Michal had been dating for about four years and Michal kept thinking he might propose on Christmas. No such luck until Christmas 2014! One of their favorite games to play is Monopoly, so Justin gave her a special version as a present.
The typical streets, avenues, and cards had been replaced by places and events important in their love story. The first space was and then the spot of their first date. After Michal opened it, Justin said “I gave her the tour [around the board] from start to finish because she was jumping all over the place looking at it,” he said. “ is where it starts, the first date was the very next spot, and they go in order from there.”
The game took a little over a month to make with the aid of one of Justin’s friends who runs a woodworking Etsy store.
*One fun fact – They actually lived on the same street when they were growing up, but were four years apart in school so they didn’t figure that out until they met years later.

Once the initial excitement ebbed, they sat down to play a round. Justin had rigged the dice so only sevens would be rolled.
So she landed on “Chance” as Justin had planned and she drew the card he had planted:
Of course, she moved ahead to “Luxury Tax” and then Justin got down on one knee and proposed. But instead of a ring, he pulled out a wire key and asked her to help him with something special. He then had her pop open the trapdoor where he had planted the ring.
What a great keepsake to have forever to remember such a special moment!!

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