Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black Recreate “More Than Words”

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Calling all children of the 90s: Jimmy and Jack just spoke to your soul.

On the May 4 episode of “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black created a side-splitting parody of Extreme’s 1991 music video for “More Than Words.” With Black as vocalist Gary Cherone and Fallon as guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, the two performed the powerful ballad nearly identically to the original video, right down to the hairdos.

According to Rolling Stone, Bettencourt was “deeply flatteredby the video. “But it was when Jimmy attempted my patented ‘hair pullback’ and nailed it…I got emotional. That brought tears to both my eyes, not just one.”

You’ve got to see this.

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