8 Gift Ideas for the Mom that Has Everything

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Mother’s Day gifts can be tough to find. What does Mom want that she doesn’t already have?

Well, you’re in luck! There are unique ways to honor your mother that don’t involve cluttering up the house: donations to powerful causes. Think outside the box this Mother’s Day and consider these unique and powerful ways to say thank you.

Earthquake Relief in Nepal


A devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the Himalayan nation of Nepal around noon on Saturday, April 25. Nearly four thousand have been reported dead, more than six thousand injured, and the death toll continues to grow. Hospitals are completely overwhelmed and humanitarian aid is desperately needed to assist the survivors.

GreaterGood.org is funding first responders within the region. Our partners need medical supplies, food, clean water, sheltering supplies, and more as they provide lifesaving support for the victims.

You can help. 100% of your support directly helps the survivors of this terrible earthquake.

Help a Pregnant Woman with Cancer


Hope for Two: The Pregnant with Cancer Network is a non-profit organization that provides resources for women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy. Women who have been through this are connected with women who are currently pregnant and fighting cancer, providing an outstanding network of support, information, and hope during this difficult time.

You can support the work these women do to help pregnant cancer patients. Your donation through supports the work of Hope for Two: The Pregnant With Cancer Network.

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