Former One Direction Singer’s “Interesting” Name Choices For Son!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Louis Tomlinson, formerly of One Direction, and his former girlfriend, stylist Briana Jungwirth, welcomed their son into the world recently. Not so unusual, although custody arrangements may get interesting…
What is interesting is the rumors circulating about the possible name for their son. Right now, the Twittersphere is “reporting” two names:
Sydney Rain – a tad unusual, perhaps, but pretty tame compared to…
Conchobar – an OLD Irish name which translates to “Lover of hounds”. It is the basis for the more traditional Irish name of Conor/Connor. Conchobar mac Nessa, according to Irish mythology, was an ancient king of Ulster born on the same day as Jesus Christ.
A strapping lad, to be sure:
Perhaps they’ll go with the traditional “Connor”, but in this day and age of North, Blue Ivy, and Apple, one never knows…

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