Our Story

The Internet is a powerful tool. Social media connects us to every corner of the globe. Unfortunately, most people aren’t using it for good.

But GreaterGoodness is different.

Each day we scour the web to find the most uplifting, inspiring and meaningful stories and share them with you. Even better, we pair those stories with simple, tangible actions so you can help people, save pets and improve the planet – every day.

In other words, we uncover the good that’s going on all around us, and empower you to contribute to it.

By connecting millions of caring people (like you!) with causes that matter, GreaterGoodness is an online community with real power to change the world. Join us!

GreaterGoodness shares stories to uplift and inspire, each one giving you the chance to help people, save pets and improve the planet – for free. Find out how your clicks make a difference.