Hundreds Shave Their Heads To Support An 11-Year-Old With Ovarian Cancer

Posted by GreaterGoodness

When 11-year-old Paige LaRosa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, her parents were in disbelief.

“We were caught off guard, overwhelmed. One minute you’re [at the doctor] for abdominal pain, next thing you know, it’s cancer,” Paige’s father told NBC.

But her thoughtful community isn’t letting her face treatment alone. More than 500 people gathered at the local firehouse to shave their heads in solidarity and to offer donations to the LaRosa family. Twelve hairdressers were on-site for the “Shave-a-thon,” which was organized by the local fire chief.

See Paige’s inspiring determination, and learn about the firefighter who made it all happen!

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