Wacky End To A Football Game Is Too Crazy To Believe!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

The ending to the recent Miami – Duke football game was unique, to say the least! Duke had just scored to take the lead and, with :06 seconds left, they did a bouncing squib kick to run out the time. Miami had other ideas and 8 laterals later, they scored a TD to win! The officials reviewed it for several minutes and decided the play was good and Miami got the win. Later, Conference officials reviewed it and determined there were at least 3 times when the play should have been over. A Miami player was tackled before he got rid of the ball, there was an illegal block to the back, and a Miami player ran onto the field without his helmet before the play was over. The refs for the game were suspended for two games for failing to notice these infractions. The win stands, however.

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