This Lemonade Stand Is For The Bees!

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Mikaila Ulmer is an 11-year-old on a mission. When she was 4, she was stung by a bee and became scared of them. Her parents suggested she research information about bees to help cope with her fear. She discovered that bees pollinate lots of crops useful to humans, and declining bee populations could create problems with the food chain. To help the bees, the young lady created her own kind of lemonade. The original flaxseed lemonade recipe came from a cookbook from the 1940s, used by Mikaila’s great-grandmother. She added locally-produced honey to the recipe and sales took off! She even appeared on the TV show “Shark Tank” and won $60,000 to help her project. Her lemonade can now be found in 32 Whole Foods stores in four states!!

Source: 11-Year-Old Saves Bees With Lemonade Stand by ObsevNow on Rumble

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