Rescue Bank Success Story

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Molly is alive today because of an amazing woman named Kim, and the Rescue Bank, a signature program of

In June 2014, Christina Guerra received a call at her shelter in Tulsa, Oklahoma about a dog in need – much like the 10 to 20 others she receives each day. But this one was different.

Often, Christina is forced to deny help to abandoned animals due to a lack of space or resources.


When Kim called she said she had come across a female dog that was in desperate need. The dog was alone and starving. She started feeding her and working to gain her trust, and eventually was able to get her to her home where she could care for her better. Once there she kept her separate from her other dogs and continued to feed her.

Kim called Christina asking for help to provide the needed vet care and food to help this pup in need.

“Frankly when I received the photo of her the first day, I was stunned. We immediately agreed to help in any way we could,” said Christina.

Without the donations Kim receive from the Rescue Bank, she would not have been able to help Molly when she needed it most.

In the ensuing weeks, Molly started gaining weight. Her coat went from sparse and dingy to full and shiny. As her weight improved, she was also given her vaccines.

She was very frightened and Kim has worked diligently to help Molly gain confidence. Now Molly runs and plays in the yard like a normal dog.

“She has learned the meaning of unconditional love. Molly has come a long way and she has a long way to go, but without Kim and the Rescue Bank, she would likely have died. Now she is happy and healthy,” said Christina.

But that’s not all. Molly’s story has an even brighter ending: Kim adopted Molly and now she has a forever home. Molly will never have to worry about not being loved or cared for again.

Thanks to your clicks, dogs like Molly — abandoned and forgotten — will now have a chance at a happy life.

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