Circus School Brings Hope And Purpose To Children Of A Syrian Refugee Camp

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In times of despair, it is easy to lose hope. We need a pick-me-up and something to inspire us to look beyond the hopelessness to find hope for the future. Children in a Syrian refugee camp are faced with the devastation of war on a daily basis. In these times of need, the Syrian National Circus has provided a creative outlet for these children.

Children juggling, performing acrobatics and unicycling may not be what most people expect to see in the Za’atri Refugee Camp in northern Jordan. As fighting continues in their homeland where more than 80,000 Syrian refugees live, the Syrian National Circus has committed to bring some joy and distraction to the lives of the young people, reports SBS.

“The program was established to give the children hope and the inspiration to rebuild their country…”

The trainers and students launch performances for the residents living in camps of tents of Za’atri with hopes to establish a national circus establishment in Syria. The circus camp, operated by the Finnish non-profit Sirkus Magenta, is supported by the Finn Church Aid, a humanitarian program in Syria. The program was established to give the children hope and the inspiration to rebuild their country once they get back to Syria, Sirkus Magenta’s Topi Hurtig told news sources, as reported in the Huffington Post.

On an average day, the children begin with warm-up exercises, learn about circus laws, and gain passion for techniques and new movements. The goal is that they take away physical skill and positive attitudes to help them cope with the challenges of living in refugee camps.

It isn’t always easy to know how to help people who are in challenging and devastating situations. These children now have a creative outlet and hope to trudge forward, learn new skills and develop positive attitudes.

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