10 Ways To Reduce Eyestrain From Staring At A Screen

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Eyestrain can be a person’s worst enemy, and let’s face it: in today’s world, most people spend at least a couple hours staring at a screen — if not most of the day. If you’re finishing your work day (or social media session) with dry eyes, tired eyes or blurry vision, something needs to change.

Try these 10 ways to improve your health.

1. Reduce Glare


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Tilt your computer screen slightly to avoid reflections or glare, suggests the Virtual Medical Centre. Also apply anti-glare screen filters to your screens.

2. Avoid Too Much Closeness


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Make sure the screen is an appropriate distance from your face. Aim to have the screen 18 to 30 inches away from your eyes.

3. Level With Yourself


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Position your screen either at eye level or a bit lower. This way, your eyes don’t have to work overly hard to see.

4. Adjust Away


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Adjust your computer settings to reduce the contrast and brightness of your screen. Squinting and glare give you headaches and tire out your eyes.

5. Position Smartly


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Use window blinds and optimal furniture positioning to cut down on the interference of natural light with your screen. Light should fall on your desk rather than on your screen. Speaking of furniture, dark and neutral colors also cut down on glare and reflection.

6. Wear Glasses


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Pop out those contact lenses, and find a pair of good glasses. Contact lenses promote dry eye because they don’t lubricate the surface of the eye as much as needed. A friction effect from the lack of lubrication also causes further discomfort.

7. Turn the Lights On


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Working on your computer in the dark worsens eye strain, so don’t do it, says Eye Care Fun. The strain results from an imbalance in the light your screen gives out and the lack of lighting in your room, forcing your eyes to focus harder. This is also why you shouldn’t work in an overly lit room.

8. See a Doctor


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Visit a doctor to make sure your problems aren’t due to an underlying cause such as undiagnosed vision problems, advises Better Health Channel. A doctor can also help you with other ideas to help with eyestrain.

9. Exercise Your Eyes


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WebMD says that eye exercises can help strengthen your eye muscles and stimulate your brain. Experiment with various exercises to see which ones best help you.

10. Look Away


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Frequently look away from the screen and blink more, advises [Health Direct Australia]. Allow your eyes to focus on objects both near and far in the room.

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