Libraries Raise The Intellectual Game Of “Trash Talking”!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

When the Kansas City Royals beat the Toronto Blue Jays 14-2 in the fourth game of this year’s American League Championship Series, a library in KC sent out a tweet with this picture and the hashtag #GoRoyals:
Well, not to be outdone, a Toronto library joined the fun with this addition to the spell”binding” poetry and the hashtag #GoJaysGo:
So just before Game 5, the KC library posted this pic and these hashtags “MaybeWeWentTooFar, #LoveYouToronto, and #MayTheBestTeamWin:
A library in Pickering, Ontarion joined the “fray” in defense of Toronto with this one:
Toronto beat the Royals in game 5 7-1 so KC responded “‘Tis but a flesh wound” Next game…#TakeTheCrown #bookspinepoetry”:CR4G-5oUEAAyfW7
Toronto’s response?
Amazing job,@BlueJays!!!! That brings us to Round 2 of #bookspinepoetry @KCLibrary @BlueJays #ComeTogether

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