I Didn’t Think A Snowmobile Could Do That!!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Minnesota native and X-Game medalist Levi Lavallee returns to his hometown and shows us why he is a Freestyle Snowmobiling champion! In this video sponsored by Red Bull, LaVallee takes us on an extreme tour of MN’s capital city.

Sponsors were required to obtain 21 different permits from the city to allow LaVallee to zip around various St. Paul neighborhoods, jump off of City Hall and a bridge over the Mississippi River, do flips (with the State Capitol and St. Paul Cathedral in the background), and leap over an 80-foot drop between parking ramps.

LaVallee told Red Bull, regarding his parking ramp stunt, “It’s an 80-foot hole next to the parking garage. To jump over that, there’s really no room for error; if you don’t make it over that hole, that’s obviously life and death. That was a bit to digest at first – you look at that hole and you think ‘Yeah, that’s pretty deep.’ I’ve jumped something like that thousands of times, but once there’s that big hole in there, the consequences were so big that all of a sudden I got nervous.”

After watching this, I think his definition of nervous is WAY different than mine!

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