This Boy With Autism Got The Most Amazing Birthday Surprise From Stan Lee!

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Stan Lee, co-creator of comic classics like Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, and others, recently did something very special for a boy with autism — he sent him a handmade drawing of his favorite superhero.

How did Stan hear about the young boy? Well, Jamel Hunter was featured in a New York Times article in December about the epic Spider-Man birthday party his mom threw for him when he turned 8 years old. It was the first party Jamel had ever had. As is common among those on the spectrum, parties, loud noises, and breaks in routine can cause meltdowns, so this was a big step for him.

The Times article caught Lee’s attention and encouraged him to reach out to Jamal. “How could I not?” he told CNN.

He couldn’t visit in person, so Lee drew Jamel a picture complete with a speech bubble that said, “Hi Jamel!” and his signature on the bottom. Michael Wilson, a writer for the NY Times, delivered the drawing to Jamal’s home in East Harlem.

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