Top 10 Kids Movies With Surprisingly Important Messages

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Chances are you kids have no shortage of “screen time” these days. While most of it can be pretty uninspired, it doesn’t have to be! Why not make movie night a chance to share some important life lessons?

These 12 films aren’t just great kids movies, they’re great movies for your kids. Check out the lessons learned in each, and discuss them long after the credits roll!

Toy Story

Lessons learned:

The importance of friendship.
The power of teamwork.
Size doesn’t matter.

Mary Poppins

Lessons learned:

Think outside the box.
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.
Parents are real people, too.

The Lion King

Lessons learned:

Leadership skill doesn’t come from your rank.
You can run from your past, or you can learn from it.
We’re all part of the circle of life.

How to Train Your Dragon

Lessons learned:

Risks, even courageous ones, have real consequences.
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.
Pets require lots of care.


Lessons learned:

“True love” isn’t everyone’s happy ending.
“Let it go.”
Family first.

Finding Nemo

Lessons learned:

“Just keep swimming.”
Family is forever.
Test your limits to realize your potential.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Lessons learned:

Bad guys don’t always lose.
Even the smallest actions have a ripple effect.
Your life has purpose.

The Karate Kid

Lessons learned:

First learn to stand, then learn to fly.
Determination and hard work will pay off.
Life will knock you down, and it’s up to you to get back up.


Lessons learned:

Don’t be afraid to be yourself.
Take your destiny into your own hands.
Never discount late bloomers.

The Wizard of Oz

Lessons learned:

“There’s no place like home.”
Sometimes you need a little help from your friends.
Dream big.

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