You’ll See Sugar And Healthy Foods In A Whole New Light After Seeing This! You’ve Been Warned

Posted by GreaterGoodness

Do you eat healthy food? Or, do you eat foods labeled ‘healthy’? There’s a difference. Many of the foods we consume that carry the label of ‘healthy’ often are the furthest thing from it. Ever seen a box of cookies with the word ‘healthy’ on it? Or cereal? How about foods that say something else entirely, like ‘organic’ or ‘all natural’? It’s hard not to these days. It seems like everything in the grocery store is labeled one way or another, trying to entice you into buying it. Even the term ‘gluten free’ is being put on things that you wouldn’t normally think of having gluten in them, like chicken, just to seem more appealing.

“That Sugar Film” follows Australian film maker Damon Gameau on a 60-day self experiment to see what would happen after eating nothing foods that most Americans would consider ‘healthy food’. The end results are pretty terrifying, and eye-opening. Available in the US in cinemas and on-demand on July 31st, this trailer gives a taste of what’s in store.

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